The Purdy Boat Company
A little about the Purdy Boat Company
80 years ago, Ned and Gil Purdy were regarded as two of the best American designers and builders of custom race and pleasure boats. My name is Alan E. Dinn and I am a grandson of Ned Purdy and a grandnephew of Gil. I have written articles about the Purdys and their boats for WoodenBoat, Classic Boating and other magazines) and my first book, Boats By Purdy, a well-documented history of the Purdy Boat Company with many photos and line drawings, was published in 2003. I have recently (September 2010) published a second book, The Many Lives of Aphrodite, which tells the story of the Purdys’ most famous creation. (Clicking on the links will take you to ordering information for the books.)
This site has some basic Purdy Boat Company information, and will get more as time progresses (now that my books are out!). I am always compiling pictures, blueprints and history about the Purdys and their lives as boat builders. If you have any information/pictures/stories please email me!
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