I am self taught on all design applications (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat). I started out as a Macintosh technician in a high school and then interned with a small ad agency. Since then, it's been a wonderful marriage of graphic design, production and Macintosh tech work. That and my love for watches, sugar and micro breweries is what defines me as the MacGigolo.

I also manage two blogs, one about this super awesome wheelchair I just became acquainted with and the other is about horrible parking jobs.

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House color needed to be changed for front of catalog. (left side of house not needed for cover)

frence before fence after
Needed fence to be in different colors for catalog.

siding before siding after
Two pieces of siding when they only wanted one. I had to recreate the missing welt on the right piece.

Logo comps for pharmaceutical company's product.

Philadelphia 76ers
Logo comps for Philadelphia 76ers Beach Bash

Demolition Magazine, March/April
Demolition Magazine, March/April 2013
(click to download article as a PDF)

The Ring® January '11 cover and March '11 spread
(click for full size)
Web ad for The Ring® digital edition (03/11)
(click for full size)

72 foot long banner for side of bleachers in Wells Fargo arena showcasing Philadelphia 76ers alumni

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
Del Val Tickets
San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium newsletters
(I have worked with them since 2006) (click to view)
Color coded tickets made for
Delaware Valley College
sell-sheet for procurenet
(click for full size)
Sweet Bay Grove brochure
(click for full size)

course schedule for Middle Bucks Institute
of Technology (click for full size)
Dear Garden brochure
(click for full size)
some logo concepts while trying to come up
with a new logo for The Halo Group
(click for full size)
Cherrydale sale sheet
(click for full size)
cover of 8-page informational brochure for
Bucks County Children's Museum
(I designed whole brochure,
but the cover is the best part)
cover of gala invite for the
Science Museum of Long Island
(cover is offset so logo on inside is visible)
(click for full size)
one silhouetting job in photoshop
(click to see larger image)
another silhouetting job in photoshop
(click to see larger image)
logo created for the SAFEKIDS chapter
in Suffolk County
logo created for the
Science Musuem of Long Island

And I leave you with my insane collection of watches.

website for one of a kind jewelry

website for whimsical children's t-shirts
(shirts also designed by me)
informational site on family's history in
wooden boat building and related book

Bethlehem, PA eyeglass store and art gallery

website I designed and maintained for the Science Museum of Long Island for 6 years
(not yet archived)
site offline: archived site
my first site I designed for
a résumé service company

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Main Work Bio Links