Well, this is me...

I have been seriously addicted to Macs as long as I can remember. I used to sit in a room with two Macintosh SE computers in high school and just play with them, like, forever. After a brief stint in retail, my first computer related job was in a High School and I was in charge of a network of 80 (or so) Macs, which included maintenance as well.

From then on, it exploded. I became a production artist at an ad agency, where I perfected my Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator skills (and began my love of cool/weird fonts) and handled 20 Macs and networked them.

From there I had a brief stint as a Senior Art Director/Production Artist/Mac technician at a software company and then another ad agency found me as a Production Manager/Production Artist/Mac Tech.

After that, my days were spent at Bookspan/YesSolutions as a Pre-Press Technician and Book Jacket designer as well as technical consultant.

I decided it was time to get out of the NY rat-race and got myself a nice big house in the country. Moved myself to rural PA and am loving it. Traded my 45 minute commute on LI's biggest parking-lot (ie. Long Island Expressway) to driving country roads and avoiding cows and deer. I have worked for various companies in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas including an auto parts company, a label company, an ad agency doing graphics and production for the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia 76ers, The Ring (a boxing magazine) as a contributing designer, and a major electronics company as a technical designer/production artist...

I am also known in certain circles (and a couple of squares) as the Ooga Booga Man. What is an Ooga Booga you might ask? Well, the idea started back in 2009 and it has developed into a bunch of cute characters (hand-drawn by me) with cute personas. These characters are available on kids' t-shirts (and a few adult t-shirts as well in the clearance section).

In my spare time (which with a wife, 2 kids, a cat, a corn snake, bearded dragon, and house, is pretty much non-existent) I do Macintosh tech support and consulting, graphic and web design, and print and web production.

Anything you need/want to know...shoot me an email. -MacGigolo

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